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+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women’s

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women’s

Box braids 2018, rope braids 2018, Twisted Braid Hairstyle 2018; Whatever you call it, this beautiful hairstyle is worn by women all over the world and is one of the coolest ways to show a unique texture that does not require much care.


But did you know that these types of braids can be thrown into a variety of trendy and sweet styles 2018?

You’d be surprised how many fascinating hairstyles you can rock with boxing pigtails, from cheeky high ponytails to sultry updos hairstyles and everything in between.

You will find some new and great styles to rock on this list!

Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 1

High ponytail rope braids 2018

There is nothing sassy like a high ponytail, and with rope plaits like this.

you are giving the high ponytail Twisted Braid Hairstyle a cheeky makeover that is voluminous and cool.

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 2

Raspberry Twisted Bob 2018

This style is reserved for the girl with attitude, the lady who has ALL eyes on her.

Raspberry colors are the perfect complement to darker skin tones and deep black hair.

creating a smooth and pleasant finish.

Highlighted Retro Twists

Ladies with longer hair can certainly benefit from some sexy thick Twisted Braid Hairstyle – no more styling!

These thick box braids are gently highlighted for a touch of natural contrast that looks divine when it is thrown and swung with a deep, sexy side piece.

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 3

Short blonde twist For Women’s 2018

Whimsical and bouncy, flirty and fun! Yes, even short hair can be twisted to achieve perfection and the result is great! Like a flighty butterfly.

these lovely twists are bouncy and gentle, an ideal choice for summer – especially when lightened with a charming shade caramel blonde!

2018 Hair four waves

This pretty lady will show you how to transform your thick ropes in no time.

Try a mid-piece for a contemporary feel or throw it all up in a bun for a sassy-chic look that’s perfect for parties.

Rock it aside with a sexy side piece that can work for literally any occasion big or small!

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 4

2018 Thick Ombre Rope Braids

Rope braces do not always have to be in miniature size.

If you prefer a bolder and more robust hairstyle, ask your hairdresser to make thicker shaped braids that are outstanding and bold.

Toss in some ombre hair dyeing technique that lightens the overall complexion and gives the ropes a contrast.

Rope Braid Half Updo

The great thing about rope braids is that they are ALWAYS bulky.

no matter how you style them; and a nice half updo is an ideal candidate for high-end events if you want to look black and noble with your favorite dress.

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 5

Double Tall Ponytail Rope Trim

Oh, so a high ponytail is not pretty cheeky enough for you?

Well, you are certainly a rare woman with a lot of attitudes who has to liberate herself.

I have a perfect hairstyle so that you can match your witty personality – double high ponytails.

Side by side, this creates a massive look-at-me effect that is sassy and downright full of feminine spice.

Threw kinky braids

Nothing like dense, shiny hair is thrown aside to give off that seductive, sexy allure; and what’s even better is thick, kinky braids swaying to the side.

Wrinkled braids such as these with a hint of highlights are a great way to bring out your beauty.

dark complexion in a seductive and seductive way.

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 6

Unique updo

One of the cool things about Twisted Braids is that they can be styled in so many amazing ways.

as clearly seen on this beautiful woman.

She wraps and twists her curls into a beautiful updo that can be worn day or night.

Classic updo

Make a statement at every wedding and look like the pristine beauty you are by putting your box braids back in a stylish and classy upscale style.

You do not need tricks or tools to make you look charming when you’ve already turned your tresses into such beautiful braids.

Excellent with bold makeup colors and bright, stunning jewels.

Twisted Braid Hairstyle

Marked rope braids

If you indulge in sexy rope braids on shoulder length.

that does not mean you have to move away from the highlights.

Adding some caramel blond colors to your dark brown base will add a dash of cool contrast that is interesting and intriguing to the eye.

+15 Amazing Twisted Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2018 For Women's 7

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