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African braids 2019 for women African- hairstyle

African braids 2019 for women African- hairstyle

The most in {style|fashionable|common|widespread|standard} and trending style at this moment is that the knotless box braids. this is often a brand new methodology of putting in braids that may not, however, plenty of tension on the basis of the hair.

The braids square measure put in in a very seamless manner that creates it look as if the hair is growing from your scalp while not the illusion of a knot at the bottom. it’s AN evolution within the trim world.

The braids square measure applied as if doing the feed-in methodology while not really cornrowing the braid to the scalp. Here square measure some image examples.

World Health Organization IS ROCKING WHAT BRAIDS !!!
When it involves trim extension designs these celebs have created a comeback and therefore the stunning Eva Marcille is creating them look therefore pleasing with the additional beads and colors.

She took AN unconventional approach to the normal box braids and created them further long. She spiced it up with some African or social group beads and a mixture of color to relinquish it that final spring/summer flirty look. It’s fun funky, and that we adore it.

If you’ve got skinny hair or a dilution hairline we have a tendency to caution you to avoid this vogue because the additional weight of those long braids might cause an excessive amount of stress on your hair making uncalled-for and irreversible harm to your hair.

However, if you’ve got thick, healthy hair with a full hairline, this may be a fun vogue to try! If you reside in hotter climates like this might not be the most effective selection for a summer vogue because the hair is also significant and hot against your neck. different wise this makes for a fun and

African braids 2019
African braids 2019
African braids

African braids 2019

African braids 2019 for women African- hairstyle 1

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