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Braided Hairstyles

The African Braided Hairstyles are not very easy to achieve, but they have the advantage of going to everyone. Do not hesitate to adopt them, they put beautifully the face in value.
Whether for a discreet, elegant or attention-grabbing hairstyle, thin or thick African braids are ideal for all occasions!
For girls with short hair, do not worry, there is also for you! Here are the best ideas for making braids on a square!
However, the braids are not the only ones to be able to put you on your 31, still happy, because some hairstyles take time!
Both trendy and classic, the braids make it possible to achieve original hairstyles for long hair. Especially since we can decline them to infinity for a result that always produces its small effect, whether sophisticated, sober, with a disheveled effect or even punk. In short, if you want a creative hairstyle that matches your mood of the day, bet on the braids!

Do you find it complicated to make braids?
Do not panic. You already know how to make 3-plait braids, right? So just a little practice to successfully braid your hair. And if it really seems too difficult, it will be time to ask for help from a friend.

A little trick Do do not make braids on just clean hair, because they would slip too much and the braid would struggle to hold. Wait a few days after a shampoo so that your mats have the optimal hold.

No matter the nature of your hair: whether stiff, curly, frizzy, blond, brown or red, as long as they are long enough, you can braid them.

Hairstyle flagship and trend of recent years, the braid has not finished to impress us!
Spotted on catwalk Fashion-Week and adopted by the greatest fashionistas on the planet, braided hairstyles will ( once again ) the coast in 2018. And that’s good because we love them! In addition, to sublimate and bring our outfit a chic-casual side, they are often very simple to appropriate. In lack of inspiration? We found on Pinterest, 30 braided hairstyles to copy and copy without moderation.
Discover them in our slideshow.