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Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women are around for several years currently and area unit one in every of the foremost in style protecting designs sported by African girls.

From adorned to twisted, thick to skinny, and in an exceedingly sort of colors, there’s no dearth of creativeness or choices once it involves styling your cornrows.

however therewith several choices come to the worst doable downside – confusion over what to truly pick!

Well, nowadays is your lucky day! We’ve compiled our prime forty concepts for styling your cornrows.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women’s 2019

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women

How To Cornrow Your Hair 2019?

begin out by designing what pattern you wish your cornrows to follow. (Psssst…our list of concepts below is that the excellent place to start out your designing.)

Spritz on some water everywhere your hair to dampen it.

Then, begin adding a couple of strands of hair to the center section of the braid with every consecutive sew.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019 1

Brush your hair to get rid of all the knots and tangles.

half the hair you wish to cornrow and section off the remainder of the hair with the assistance of sectioning clips or hair elastics.

dampen the hair you’re attending to cornrow with cream.

Divide the section into 3 components and easily braid it for 2 stitches.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019 2

Once you’ve got run out of hair to feature, merely braid the remainder of the method down and secure the ends with a hair elastic.

half succeeding section of hair that you simply wish to cornrow right next to the primary cornrow and repeat all the same steps till all of your hair has been adorned into cornrows.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019 3

cornrow braids 2018-2019

Braiding could be an ancient thanks to wearing your hair if the length permits it.

However, the planet of fashion has been recently hit with various arguable trends regarding classic passementerie ways and designs.

half-rebellious cornrows have managed to remain within the spotlight.

Big Cornrows


Since any sort of cornrows presumes weaving your tresses down from the terrible scalp, as on the brink of the skin as doable, huge cornrows gift an ideal answer for AN everyday, routine hairstyle.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women 2018-2019 4

without doubt, these explicit braids demand careful attention to the small print, however, the sheer size of the larger plaits permits saving time and energy. Moreover, the giant components area unit nearly always easier to vogue and maintain. Besides, albeit your locks area unit straight, ancient four African cornrows can create it doable to get pleasure from healthy waves with none appliances.

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