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How To Create Box Braids 2019 On Natural Hair!

How To Create Box Braids 2019 On Natural Hair!

Box Braids 2019 are invariably a fun, hip hairstyle to undertake out. But, the fashion could look a bit too difficult for many of you hair minimalists out there to undertake and build for yourself.

many folks decide on extensions to make a box braid look, however, if you would like to stay your natural locks in consideration, we’ve got news for you: you’ll simply produce box braids on natural hair, too!

Want to find out the way to do box braids on natural hair? Then look at our steps and tips below, and confirm to additionally take a glance at the superb designs we tend to select only for you to undertake out along with your new natural box braids.

How To produce Box Braids On Natural Hair

Step 1: first of all, you’re aiming to wish to start out with clean hair. Wash your hair with any shampoo and conditioner of your selecting. we tend to advocate the TRESemmé ceratin sleek Shampoo and TRESemmé ceratin sleek Conditioner to stay crape and fly-aways tamed.

Step 2: Once your hair is dry, section it into four separate components. confirm that your sections are four equal and straight squares. Have clips existing to carry your separate sections in.


Step 3: Take a little a part of the primary section and half your section with it. The compound piece ought to be no thicker than a pinch, and confirm your components are of equal size.


Step 4: Braid every compound section from root to tip. confirm to secure every braid with a little elastic hair tie. after you run out of hair from your section, braid the pinched half and build a replacement one from the unbraided hair. confirm all of your sections are absolutely compound, wanting like very little squares or “boxes.”


Step 5: Braid the remainder of your sections and your head ought to be stuffed with a bunch of small box braids!

Now that you simply acumen to make box braids with natural hair, look at these hot designs that we’re utterly obsessed over.


Box Braids 2019

Box Braids 2019

Box Braids

How To Create Box Braids 2019 On Natural Hair For Black Women’s

How To Create Box Braids 2019 On Natural Hair! 1

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