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How to Do Jumbo Box Braids 2019 For Black Women’s


How to Do Jumbo Box Braids 2019 For Black Women’s

Jumbo box braids 2019 are often done by sectioning your hair into individual boxes. every one of those boxes will either be little, medium or giant.

once making a box, the hair on one section is going to be divided into 3 equal components and decorated.

Repeat the complete method until all the hair is decorated.

you’ll be able to have it off on your natural hair otherwise you can even use hair extensions.

Here is that the step by step tutorial on a way to do box braids hairstyles.

umbo Box Braids 2019 For Black Women’s step by step

Step One: Split the hair into four sections. Use a hair clip to secure every section.

Step Two: visit the primary section and split it vertically then horizontally to form a box.

Step Three: begin at the primary box and divide the hair into 3 sections.

Step Four: begin braid till you reach the top of the hair. Hold it tightly till you reach the ends.

Step Five: Continue doing this method on all the boxes.

Step Six: you’ll be able to add texture and shine to your hair by spraying oil refulgency.

Adding hair extensions will add length to your braids.

What Is The Best Hair For Jumbo Box Braids?

The perfect hair for box braids is 100 percent Kanekalon gargantuan Braid. However, if you favor real human hair then the most effective choice is human kinky hair (4B).

this may not simply slip compared to artificial hair.

this can be conjointly an ideal choice for folks that square measure allergic to artificial hair. however, this can be not for folks that square measure value acutely aware since it’s a small amount pricy.

If you don’t care a lot of regarding styling then you’ll select artificial hair. However, if you wish to own additional styling choices then the most effective selection is real human hair.

however, do keep in mind that human hair is troublesome to seal exploitation quandary. it’s a small amount slippery and can simply tangle after you wore it loose.

Therefore, the most effective hair to use for box braids is 100 percent Kanekalon gargantuan Braid.

Natural Jumbo Box Braids 2019

This can be done with the use of synthetic hair 2019 For box Braids.

Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles 2019

2019 Box braids can be worn in a half bun or full bun hairstyles for black women’s.

Side Parting with Updo 2019

This is one of the simplest ways of styling your braids in 2019.

Minnie Mouse Braids Hairstyle 2019

We love the black braids hairstyles 2019 as well as the black outfit 2019

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