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How to Get Great 2019 African American Haircuts

It may be very difficult to lay off 2019 African American hair because of its natural density but it is possible with little help. Big Hairstyles and Rasta are beautiful classic hairstyles you can do without having to go to the salon. Take care of your hair and take your time. You will find that the result is worth the effort.

Get your hair done for the great African American hairdo
Begin by washing your hair as usual and then use a strong conditioner to help soften your hair. Use a wide tooth comb to loosen the tangles after washing your hair with balsam, starting with the sides and the direction of the roots. Use the hair dryer at low heat to show the ripples until it is about to dry. Tighten your hair an extra time to make sure there is no contract and then you are ready to fast.

He attended the American-African hair removal tools
Rasta’s hairstyles are used as long hair extensions that fill the gaps in your skin and give your shoulders fullness. Choose the braiding hair with a semi-colored color and get at least two large boxes. Then remove the hair follicles from the package separately and hold them from the middle and cut off the rubber band that you are collecting. Start pulling the tufts on one side of the hair while holding it in the middle and letting the sides hang. This will give your hair tips a more natural look. The braiding hair cuts sharply and your shoulders will look unnatural when you’re done.

Take a tassel of synthetic hair for braiding

Divide the first piece of braiding hair into 5 cm widths and then separate 1/3 of this section. You must have two parts, one of which is the width of the other. In the small chisel around the large so that the parties meet in opposite directions

Hold the small stick and the middle of it at the point where it overlaps with the first knob. Carefully cover the top and bottom so that the sides form one piece that protrudes from the original hair follicles.
You must have approximately 3 folios of about equal size that you can hold in one hand.

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