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Learn about Natural Black Hairstyles 2018-2019 Health

The problem of hair loss is one of the most problems faced by girls, especially in the winter, which falls heavily hair, and begins the journey of the girl journey in search of natural and chemical treatment of the scalp without realizing that natural black hairs sometimes is one of the main causes of hair loss

In this report we review a quick and healthy way of natural black hairstyles without compromising his health or strength, and can quickly disengage the joints according to the care experts, especially natural black hair

Natural Black Hairstyles Method 2018-2019

First, it is preferable to comb the black hair, which is completely dry, because laying it with water carries it to fall because it is very weak at this stage

We prefer to put the cream or oil that we prefer for easy layoffs natural black hair
We move away from black hair from the roots to the limbs, preferably from the bottom and then to the roots

In case of contract we move away from large combs and use only small combs to disassemble part by part

Natural Black Hairstyles

Natural black hair is a source of women’s attractiveness and brilliance, as it gives more sense of femininity and tenderness, especially the magnificence of its appearance, which is slippery on its shoulders smoothly and smoothly, and despite its beauty and benefits, it causes confusion when looking for the best way to natural black hairs

In this article we learn about some of the natural black hair styles
Individual natural black hair on the shoulder and back

This method is one of the easiest ways to lay off black hair, the most striking of its beauty and softness, where it can be combed by the ordinary brush if it is soft, or resort to the shawls if the hair is curly, and the woman or girl can work on one side of her face or form or rise in the forefront Head, and put a colored hairpin in the shape of a flower or a butterfly at the end, leaving it on the shoulders and back, and another way to keep it down, take it on the right side of the face or left, wearing a beautiful earring and prominent ear on the other side of it

The fish tail is loose

This hairstyle is preferred by many young women who like the quiet and simple look. Here are the steps of this hairstyle

Combine your black hair on one side of your face, and tie it into a pony tail
Take the tail and divide it into two equal parts
Fold the two parts; gather the hair part from the left side, move it to the right side, take a new part from the outside of the right side, and pass it back to the left side, repeat the step until you finish braiding the two ends, and then fasten the end of the tail with a small, The braid can be thick or thin as desired
Trim your top hair and the other side of the hair without gently rolling back to give it a good looking look
The jaws of the tabling that you just made a little; to enjoy the look of the loose fish tail
Here is the beauty of the natural black hairstyles 2018-2019

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