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Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018

We love Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair, but medium-length styles are some of the most popular and versatile.

There are tons of options for half-up styles, full updos and structured looks with pigtails and phrases.

If you got stuck in a twist of the same two or three looks, check out our list of the hottest natural medium-length hairstyles to inspire your future styling efforts.

+10 Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 For Women’s

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

 natural curls with the flat twist

A simple lateral twist is perfect for pulling your natural hair away from your face without wearing a full updo. The various hair pieces have a lot of interest and dimension and make it a great everyday look that can be easily put on for a special occasion.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 1

natural hair with double rolls

Double buns will fit the bill if you are looking for a quick and easy updo for your natural hair that is still fun and worry-free.

Chunky Flat Twist Updo

If you only use flat twists to create textured twist-out styles, you can also try the styling technique to create chic updos. This protective style keeps your ends in place and looks great both as a casual look and for special occasions.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 2

thin side meshes

These medium sized natural curly curls are unique, but a few thin side paws help pull them away from the face to create a dramatic silhouette. We love this look for a night in the city, but it’s versatile enough for everyday use and does not take long to pull.

half-height double rolls

This trendy, semi-uplifting style shows the natural texture of your hair and keeps it away from your face. Perfect for casual days, if you want your hair to feel sweet and funny without much effort.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 3

rolls with curly pony

Have fun with this curly, pinned pony. If you do not love how your hair is completely pulled away from your face, pony will help your eyes and add some softness to prevent a reclusive style from looking severe.

 Natural Hair Frohawk

Looking for a fun, edgy updo that shows your natural texture? Frohawk styles are an easy way to add glamor to your look while smoothing your face.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 4

Untidy Half Updo

Half-up bun styles are currently in great demand, but we love how this half-high ponytail leaves plenty of room to show off the fluffy texture of a twist-out or braid-out style. Use this look to extend the length of your hair between washes or pump things up when your natural curls look a bit flat.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 5

Twin Dutch Braid rolls

These quick and easy twin Dutch braids protect your natural hair while looking sweet and trendy.

Natural Curling Updo

Head bandages help you to get chic and versatile styles on days when you have little time or your natural hair does not cooperate. In this look, a wrap keeps your hair safe, without the pulling or knotting that can go along with traditional hair ties. For natural strands that are prone to breakage, it is a game to integrate the head wrap into your styling routine.

Natural Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair 2018 6

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