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Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women’s

Popular African And Artistic Hairstyles 2018 For Women’s

African Hairstyles, Now we can say that we live daily with people of many different races and styles or cultures very different from ours and while we can not do anything about this issue.

what better to contemplate his style in both fashion and hairstyles 2018, that’s why we will talk to you about African hairstyles today, with that fantasy and at the same time extraordinary air that women usually wear.

What to say that African hairstyles   2018 are quintessentially beautiful and elegant, whatever the type, made with expert hands and just patience to create hairstyles of the most aesthetic, with braids of all styles that become an artisan creation difficult to compare with any other.

Best Popular African And Artistic Hairstyles 2018 For Women

African Hairstyles

Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women's 1

African hairstyles are of many styles, original above all but with an exquisite taste, which once finished give the impression of being an embroidery or crochet tablecloth in the head itself.

making curves and striking figures where you look, since you can even add metal or gold details to decorate them.

We can say that currently there are many tribes or ethnic groups that continue to make this artwork of African hairstyle.

depending on age or sex are more or less elaborate, also distinguishing the social position of the family. Different hairstyles can be made for ceremonies.

whether they are for marriage or when a woman reaches adulthood.

Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women's 2

They are characterized mainly by having small braids that leave the root, following the contour of the head or called spiky braids but on a small scale.

completely covering the head with these and making a curvilinear path to get a great finish.

 If you want to change a style, nothing better than a hairstyle with African braids like these.

Hairstyles with African braids 2018

The African braids are different from the convention because they always go well to the skull. It is one of the hairstyles that never goes fashion thanks to its versatility for all hair types.

 Not only is it a look that manages to domesticate the wildest curly manes, it is also a good alternative for those girls who have straight hair or with little volume.

Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women's 3

mall and tight braids

Traditionally, several small and tight braids are made all over the head without leaving any loose hair, but the truth is that they can be combined in many ways:

making them only on one side of the head, together in a collected, throughout the entire hair length.

They can even be interlaced with colored threads to give a more original and casual look. The options are endless and only you decide which one you look better. 

braids of a boxer

Within these hairstyles, with African braids, we can not miss the one that has become a must of the celebrities and the queens of the street style :

 boxers braids (braids of a boxer), that although they do not suppose a type of African braid to use, it does have a lot of similarities. 

Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, and Kylie Jenner are some of the celebrities who have managed to put on this fashionable hairstyle.

Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women's 4

So that you can also encourage yourself to try them, we leave you here a small tutorial to make an African braid step by step :

  1. Detangle your hair well, perform the corresponding partitions on the head, separating the hair well.
  2. Take a strand of fine hair and start with a root braid: cross the first two ends and then add hair little by little. Make sure that the braid is tight so that no hair is loose.
  3. Tie the end of the braid with a rubber band, and that’s it!

Now that you have something more clear how to do it, we have made a compilation with 60 hairstyles with African braids that range from the most traditional to the most daring. What are you waiting for to join this trend? Get inspired with the most tribal looks!


Popular African Hairstyles 2018 For Women's 5

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